Could everybody please be upstanding and give these guys a massive round of applause. The Absurdist Pipe Band wandered around in the most ridiculous of conditions and brought a smile to face of everyone. They truly did sum up the essence of the Fair, with their cheerful attitude and willingness to smile despite being drookit! Well played.
Eaglesham Fair Organiser

Spent some time with theses guys during the week… totally nuts, but great musicians!!!

Hi guys, just a wee note to say I seen you play at Loch Lomond on Sunday and I just wanted to say… thanks for making me laugh! I don’t normally like clowns but I do like talent and funny and you guys are definitely both. I will keep an eye (or ear) open for you guys in the future.

You guys were great at Cathkin Braes yesterday. Good mixture of ridiculous, irreverance and damn well played music (I include the chicken). Liked the Police and Ambulance siren sounds cut into the music too. Cheers for making us laugh and smile.

Can I just say you were fantastic today at the Eaglesham Fair. I had not seen you before but loved the atitude, fun and mayhem you brought. We loved watching you follow random people had us in stitches! Well done from a wet and windswept Eaglesham faimily!

On a dreich day, you brightened up the whole Tarbert Seafood Festival! Your music and entertainment were fantastic and really lifted the whole event. Thank you for visiting our Fishermen’s Mission Stall!

Thanks for cheering us all up today Eaglesham Fair…you were brilliant and provided sunshine on a dreary day….haste ye back next time!

@TheAbsurdistPB @westendfest @Glasgow …you guys! I watched people watch you. Everyone smiled – me too!

I want these guys (@TheAbsurdistPB) at my wedding/funeral/ all major life events. Discovered at @corkpaddysfest

Guys, thank you so much for coming along to perform at the Tarbert Seafood Festival today. You really helped brighten our day and brought a real carnival atmosphere to the festival.

You guys stole the show yesterday! Absolutely brilliant xx