An engaging blend of visual humour, bagpipes, drums, percussion and sound effects (with occasional bubbles), The Absurdist Pipe Band is vibrant, crowd pleasing and entertaining.

Playing anything from TV themes to 40′s swing, from pop hits to classical motifs and traditional tunes. They are guaranteed to surprise and bring a smile and a laugh.

The band consists of highly experienced musicians who have over 20 years experience playing folk, jazz, samba, and street music at festivals, gigs, parties, carnivals and concerts all over the country.

The Absurdist Pipe Band developed from an earlier 10 piece street band which combined Spanish bagpipes and percussion with Eastern European carnival traditions. During visits to pre-lenten carnival in Slovenia, the lads would dress up in silly costumes and play silly music, entertaining the carnival goers in bars, restaurants, stages and on the streets. They loved it, we loved it… The Absurdist Pipe Band was born.